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Using resistive magnetohydrodynamic simulations

The flux ropes are embedded above the photospheric neutral line in a quadrupolar linear force free background. Using resistive magnetohydrodynamic simulations, we show that both fields can relax to stable force free equilibria whilst maintaining their tubular structure. Both end states are nonlinear force free; the twisted field contains a single sign of alpha (the…

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Investigators in the United Kingdom randomized 10

Emplacement of the Lizard Ophiolite Complex took place during the Middle to Late Devonian (390 366Ma). Top to the NW thrusting facilitated decoupling of the mantle and emplacement over deformed and metamorphosed oceanic crust. During emplacement, widespread magmatism involved the intrusion of a mixed suite of felsic and mafic magmas that may well have been…

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It is best to store the human hair in its original container

I saw that you apologized already which is great. I don think every trans person is the same way as others here, where you might be dead to him because of your less than ideal reaction. There are others that can understand how big of a shocker this might be for someone and not immediately…

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